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CIW-X-Series-Light-Medium Duty Design (Standard)
Nominal torque Tn=180-33,000 Nm
Joint diameter D=58 mm - 250 mm
Maximum deflection angles = 25o & 35o
CIW-Y-Series-Medium_Heavy Design (Close Eye Type)
Nominal torque Tn=18-1050 kNm
Joint diameter D=160 mm - 620 mm
Maximum deflection angles upto = 15o
CIW-Z-Series-Heavy-Extra Duty Design (Split Eye Type)
Nominal torque Tn=46-1500 kNm
Joint diameter D=225 mm - 620 mm
Maximum deflection angles = 5o & 10o

Cardan shafts offer excellent operational safety, high service life and low running costs for an optimally adapted range of product series CIW-X, CIW-Y, CIW-Z CARDAN INDIA Cardan shafts are the right choice for difficult and severe requirements due to the following construction features.

  • Split / Close eye yoke design.
  • Highest degree of strength and minimum distortion under load.
  • Highest load capacity of the Universal Joint.
  • Suitable material selection and treatment.
  • Optimal welding connections.
  • Perfect geometries by computer analysis.

The overall function of a cardan shaft can be subdivided in 3 single functions:

  • Torque and speed.
  • Changing distance between power input and output.
  • Changing angle between power input and output.

All this is permanently elapsed by shocks resulting in vibrations and additional torsion forces. Basing on these extreme conditions of operation considerable power is arising being consumed partly by the cardan shaft on its own, partly by the drive elements combining it. These high pressures and difficult operating conditions are demanding high standards to the cardan shaft. At the same time, lots of power transmission applications are solved easily and cost consciously by the use of cardan shafts.



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