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Starting from the design and until the painting, each production step is controlled and verified in order to guarantee an excellence, top quality product. All the universal shafts produced must meet a series of strict controls, starting from the quality of the raw materials up to the dynamic balancing, where the applicantion request it.

Our company offers its customers the know-how and the experience in the field of the industrial design, to optimize and integrate its products, so as to increase the efficiency of the plants. We offer our technical support during the design, the installation, the maintenance and the evaluation of the performance.

Each product is manufactured as per the quality assurance plan derived in line with stringent quality standards and customers requirement. Major steps in quality control systems are :-

  1. Through inspection of raw materials, sub-contact and bought out items
  2. In-process inspection of components and process control during manufacturing
  3. Inspection in sub-assembly and assembly stages
  4. Finished product inspection and testing

The plant is equipped with measuring instruments of internationally reputed manufacturers and special testing instrument like Hardness Tester, Ultrasonic Flow Detector, Tensile Tester, Micro Structure Tester, Chemical Testing, M.P.T., Balancing Machine etc.




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